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Safe Driving for Teenagers

Although most teens wear seat belts and are taught to drive safely, some still make critical errors due to skill deficiencies that often lead to serious crashes. Others engage in risky driving behaviors. Research indicates that most car crashes are preventable, not inevitable. As an educator, you play an important role in helping to reduce teen driver crashes by promoting safe driving for teenagers.

This site is filled with the latest teen driver research and evidence-based strategies. Through your skilled guidance – and by sharing these materials with teens – we can help them avoid crash risks and practice safe driving.

Utilize the resources on this site to:

  • Create meaningful activities and learning experiences for teens
  • Discover, translate, and share what is currently known about safe driving for teenagers
  • Script debates, produce media events, write press releases, and conduct school/community campaigns
  • Help teens learn how to talk to their friends about safe passenger behavior and to their parents about sharing a car and setting "house rules"

We regularly add new resources and update existing resources on safe driving for teenagers, based on the most current information available. Subscribe to the
Research in Action Blog  to learn when new resources and research become available.


The greatest lifetime chance of crashing occurs in the first 6 to 12 months after licensure.

The greatest lifetime chance of crashing occurs in the first 6 to 12 months after licensure.

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