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The Parent/Teen Driving Agreement

Developing a foundation for good communication is going to be important during your teen’s early driving years. A good way to start is through a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement. By creating one together, you’ll not only practice communicating effectively with each other, but also give your teen the opportunity to express thoughts and feelings, including questioning why certain rules are in place. By jointly setting these rules, your teen is more likely to follow them.

The Parent-Teen Driving Agreement is a list of household rules for parents and teens. Some of these rules are going to be set in stone (always wear a seat belt and never text while driving), while others can be modified as time goes on (like getting home at 8 pm vs. 6 pm). You can modify your agreement to cover both the learning-to-drive and post-licensure years.

Here are some samples of Parent/Teen Agreements from trusted sources. Look them over before deciding on one that’s right for your family:

Watch a video for tips on improving communication with your teen

The Parent/Teen Driving Agreement

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Download the TeenDrivingPlan
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