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Sweet Success: The Probationary License

Ride Like A Friend, Drive Like You Care

To keep you and your friends safe, remember to ride like a friend and drive like you care. This means talking to your friends about your family’s driving rules before you get your license. They may not know that you’re not allowed to drive them around for another year or how you expect them to behave once you can. Tell them you’re working really hard to become a good driver, and you need their support.

As a driver, you must take control of the car. Remember, you’re responsible not only for your safety, but also for your passengers. If they can’t follow your rules, then you can’t drive them. It’s as simple as that. Tell them that your parents will take away the keys if you don’t drive responsibly. Sometimes being a good friend is knowing when to say “no.”

Expect respect. Set your rules for the car. Make it clear that they must be followed or they can’t ride along:

  • Always wear your seat belt
  • No drinking or drugs
  • Don’t pressure me to speed
  • Keep the music down
  • Just chill – don’t be wild
  • Show respect for the driver – it’s not an easy job

ride like a friend, drive like you care

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