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Messaging to Motivate

You probably find yourself frequently in front of teens discussing "real life" issues. Here you'll find tips and reminders on how to package messages to empower teens instead of scare them and engage rather than offend them. Positively structured learning experiences have a much greater chance of motivating teens to select safe, smart behaviors. You'll find some new ideas about positive health campaigns and how some of the most effective ones have been created.

Educators understand what influences teens and that they sometimes act in ways that seem out of character. The truth is that teens want to feel normal and that what they're doing is right. Therefore an important part of getting teens to follow safety messages is to package them positively--emphasizing all the productive things teens are doing, not just dwelling on the few who are rebelling in an unhealthy manner.

A good resource for educators of teens is This site offers advice about positive health-related communication. It also discusses how to build positive campaigns, ones proven to influence teens to avoid substance abuse, violence, car crashes, and other health risks. Learn more about messaging to motivate for teen driver safety here.  

Read more about teen driver safety research conducted at the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.


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