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Apply for a Learner's Permit

Be sure to include a parent (or another trusted adult) to team up with you. Show that you are serious about driving by studying your state's manual which will tell you the minimum age you can get a permit. Remember you can always apply for a permit later than that age if you prefer. Once you understand all the signals, signs, pavement markings, laws, and safe practices, you and an adult are ready to fill out the learner’s permit application and parent/guardian consent form. Some states also require a permission form from your doctor. The instructions and forms can be found in your state driver manual. Take the necessary documents to your local DMV. You will then be given a vision test and knowledge test. If you pass the tests, the examiner will give you a Learner’s Permit – usually valid for one year. 

Apply for a Learner's Permit

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Download the TeenDrivingPlan
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