Licensing the TeenDrivingPlan Program
how to license TeenDrivingPlan

How to License the TeenDrivingPlan Program

Organizations and agencies can license the TeenDrivingPlan (TDP) Program from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to run as a co-branded program in their community. The TDP program implementation supports public health objectives aimed at reducing teen driver-related crashes through increasing parent engagement and effectiveness in teaching teens to be safe skilled drivers.

A TDP licensing agreement would include co-branding of CHOP’s TDP Program materials, which were adapted from the materials used during the clinical trial of TeenDrivingPlan:

  • TeenDrivingPlan (TDP) Practice Guide – An interactive PDF that links to the TDP videos.
  • TDP Logging and Rating Tool – The TeenDrivingPlan Logging and Rating Tool helps families track their practice driving by driving environments and to record where their teens need work. This tool is intended to be used along with the TeenDrivingPlan Practice Guide.
  • TDP Goal Guide – This useful tool helps remind families to set goals for each practice drive so that a portion of each drive focuses on learning a specific goal or goals. The TeenDrivingPlan Goal Guide is a summary of goals for practice drives detailed in the TeenDrivingPlan Practice Guide.
  • TDP Info Card - This card can be handed out at events to encourage people to go to the Teen Driver Source website to download TDP resources.
  • TDP Parent Session Training and Implementation Guide – The TDP Training and Implementation Guide provides structured guidance on how to implement a TDP parent session.

CHOP researchers believe an important component in the success of TeenDrivingPlan during the clinical trial was the engagement of research participants by research coordinators at key points during the study. Research coordinators oriented participants in how to use TDP at the outset. They then reached back out to families during the course of the study to complete a couple of surveys on how they were using TDP.  

In the licensed version of the community-delivered TDP program, this “human touch” by a CHOP researcher has been converted into formal training of a licensee’s community-based TDP facilitators, who would schedule and deliver TDP Parent Session events on behalf of the licensee. Facilitators will have specific learning objectives for their TDP Parent Sessions that are supported by a PowerPoint slide deck and video provided by CHOP. The licensee and its facilitators are responsible for marketing, scheduling and running the TDP Parent Sessions in their communities.

A separate service agreement would accompany the licensing agreement and would cover the cost of CHOP staff time to adapt and co-brand the TDP materials for the licensee. The service agreement also covers time to provide facilitator training and consultation during implementation that is commensurate to the licensee’s intended scale of the project.

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