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Read news stories featuring the research behind Teen Driver Source and evidence-based resources.

Partnering to Catalyze Traffic Safety 

CIRP is partnering with the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety to establish the NJ-SHO Center for Integrated Data to improve traffic safety across the state.

Governor DeWine Announces Teen Driver Safety Scholarship Awards

Ohio is awarding more than half a million dollars in grants that will help more teens in low-income households gain access to free driver training.

Emerging Innovators Present Far-Reaching Research

Elizabeth Walshe, PhD has been recognized by the Emerging Innovators Collaborative Research Program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute for her high-impact neuroscience of driving work.

Exploring Contributors to Transportation Inequity

Dr. Emma Sartin shares findings from her recent study comparing prevalence of drivers’ seat belt use by community-level measures of social vulnerability.

Studying Safe Driving at the Neural Level

CIRP's Elizabeth Walshe, PhD describes a new research approach using neuroimaging and simulated driving to measure the complex brain function needed to drive.

Clinical Futures: A Legacy of Improved Pediatric Care Through Research

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Clinical Futures is partnering with CIRP to implement the virtual driving assessment program in the hospital's Care Network.