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Research at the Interface, with Professor Flaura Winston, Pediatrician

CIRP Founder & Co-Scientific Director Dr. Flaura Winston is featured on the Injury Prevention podcast.

2022's Best & Worst States for Teen Drivers

Flaura Winston, MD, PhD shares how to improve teen driving safety, including assessing driving skills and supervising practice driving.

Linking Hospital and Crash Data to Better Identify Injuries

Leah Lombardi, MPH, a data analyst at the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, shares new research leveraging integrated data sources from hospital and police crash reports to examine automobile crash injuries.

Does Music Tempo Impact Driving?

A new study compared the impact of slow- and fast-tempo background music to silence on reaction time and accuracy during a series of perceptual motor, knowledge, and categorization tasks.

Can Autistic People Drive?

It's a misconception that autistic people can't drive. Here's what the latest research tells us about autism and driving.

Rethinking Cell Phone Use While Driving: Isolated Risk Behavior or Pattern of Risk-Taking?

Watch Elizabeth Walshe, PhD talk about important research she conducted to help prevent distracted driving in this webinar recording.