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In the News

Read news stories featuring the research behind Teen Driver Source and evidence-based resources.

A New Metric for Designing Safer Streets

By analyzing eye-tracking data from cyclists on Philadelphia's streets, CIRP Senior Fellow/Weitzman School of Design at the University of Pennsylania Associate Dean of Research Dr. Megan S. Ryerson's team found that these individual metrics can help design safer roadways for bicyclists and pedestrians.

How to Motivate Your Teen to Be a Safer Driver

It's more effective to show teens how to eliminate phone-related driver distractions, rather than just nag them about not using the phone, says Dr. Kit Delgado in this Wall Street Journal article.

Young Drivers Who Use Cell Phones Behind Wheel Typically Take Other Risks

Listen in to hear Dr. Elizabeth Walshe share research from a CHOP/Annenberg Public Policy Center study that found that young adults who use cell phones while driving also engage in other risky driving behaviors.

NJM, CHOP Give Teens Chance to Test Driving Skills at the Doctor

Read about the new virtual driving assessment program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Care Network locations made possible by a $4 million grant from NJM Insurance Group.

Teens Who Text While Driving May Take Other Risks Behind the Wheel

New research finds that those who use cell phones while behind the wheel are more likely to engage in other types of risky driving.

Cell Phone Use In Young Adults Linked to Other Risky Driving Behaviors

New study findings can lead to meaningful conversations with teens, especially those who have been labeled as "impulsive" throughout their development.