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Step 3: Get Creative

What do you want your final product to be?

Written ReportWritten report:  Present your findings in front of the class as a research paper with optional PowerPoint slides in the background to demonstrate graphs and pictures.

Video storyVideo story or public service announcement: Recruit a video crew, create a 30-second to 3- minute video, show it to the class, and ask for reactions.  

DebateDebate: You and your debate opponent will verbally battle the pros and cons of a research question in front of the class.

News articleNews article: Write an article that could run in your school or community e-newsletter or paper and present it to the class.

Press ReleasePress release: Write a press release to present in front of the class and hand it off to the school newspaper to possibly publish.

Audio news reportOnscreen or audio news report:  Form a news team and present an on-air news report in front of your class.  Present your driving research findings and opinions as media-savvy reporters.

Student to student pollStudent to student poll: Ask questions about driving, passengers, cell phones, and seat belts that your classmates will want to weigh in on.  Get permission to conduct a survey in the cafeteria, hallways, or during afterschool activities. Reveal the results in class, on a poster or read them over the school intercom or cable TV news show.

Crossword PuzzleGame show or crossword puzzle: Write up questions and answers and have the class play Jeopardy! ®. Use online software to create a crossword puzzle and give a prize to the first winner.

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