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Before the Permit

Getting a license may be the number one goal of many teens but not all. According to a study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, one in three teens delay getting their license until they turn 18, over a 33 percent drop since 1993. Don’t assume to know how your teen feels about the matter. Talk about it. Ask if and why she wants a license. You might be surprised. Your teen may not be ready. By understanding what’s motivating your teen to drive (or not to just yet), communicating on the topic later will be easier. You also shouldn’t hold back. If you have concerns about your teen’s readiness to drive, discuss it.

Stress that learning to drive will be a great experience, but be frank. Your teen needs to know that to become a safe, experienced driver, you will both have to devote a lot of time for practice driving. There are no shortcuts. Your teen will need at least 65 hours of varied driving practice in different road conditions with you or another trusted adult as teacher. Both quality and quantity count. The more practice, the better.

The states of Virginia and Georgia have created driving lesson plans for parents. These plans provide tips and details on how to teach teens to drive.

Before the Permit

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